Richard and Susan Widney are the owners of Mook and Pop’s Culinary Delights.  We are a from-scratch bakery using only the finest quality ingredients.  Available for local delivery in San Diego, and we ship nationwide.

Growing up with delicious treats from his older sister, Mook, Richard wants to give the rest of the world a taste of homemade treats that define simple, yet gourmet desserts. Started in 2009, he named the bakery after His late sister and brother-in-law.  Mook's original recipes inspired the first batches of cookies and breads. Richard has taken Mook and Pops and kept it run by family members who have grown up with the knowledge of home made goods and the importance of tradition. We have a vast selection of cookies, seasonal breads, seasonal pies, lemon bars, whoopie pies, rocky road, brownies, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls. Our newest creation is Brickle Candy.  Brickle (or fondly called Crack) is a handmade crunchy, salty and sweet candy of crisp caramelized salty crackers drenched in chocolate, toffee, and nuts.  Besides the original, we have created many variations of Brickle that we offer to sell.

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