White Chocolate Holiday Brickle

White Chocolate Holiday Brickle

Mook and Pop's Culinary Delights

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Brickle, (or fondly called "Christmas Crack") is a crunchy, salty, and sweet candy of crisp caramelized salty crackers drenched in chocolate, toffee and nuts. We have created many variations of the original Brickle that we offer to sell.

Nothing makes the Holidays better than M&M's™.. We have a delicious M&M Brickle that is 12 ounces of melted white chocolate on graham crackers. This is topped with Holiday Peanut M&M's and mixed nuts!  Enjoy!!!

Shipping & handling is USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box for $8.00 Three containers of brickle will fit into the same Priority Medium Flat rate box for $13.00.